About Us

Welcome to our www.srilankan-visa.org where you will be offered the highest quality of Sri Lanka e-Visa and eVisa services. We understand that with a wide range of e-Visa types available and various application procedure intricacies, it might be a little complex for many applicants to apply for an e-Visa, especially the first time applicants. That's why we aim at assisting all our users to obtain an e-Visa for Sri Lanka smoothly and speedily.

What is www.srilankan-visa.org?

At our www.srilankan-visa.org organisation, we look forward to offering an efficient and fast-track e-Visa application service which takes care of each user's personal preferences and needs. The experts at this organisation strive to provide high-quality customer support and ensure precise and complete applications. Here, all answers are reviewed, de-Visails are translated, and the entire application is double-checked to make sure that no errors, inconsistencies and grammatical mistakes exist which eliminates the possibilities of e-Visa rejections and denials. Moreover, we may contact our users to gain additional information or documents for the benefit of a complete and error-less application. Once a user submits their e-Visa application on our website, our Immigration team starts to analyse it. This is done compulsorily before we send the application to the travel authorization.

Even though the approval of a Sri Lanka e-Visa application is fully dependent on the Sri Lankan Government, we ensure that all applications submitted on our website are 100% correct. Users can expect an approved e-Visa application within forty-eight to seventy-two hours of application. However, in rare cases only, errors or inconsistencies in the application may delay the processing of the application. We provide timely updates about each application and e-Visa approval notifications via the email medium. We also aim towards educating applicants about how they can utilise their e-Visa application to obtain a successful entry in Sri Lanka.

Our offices are situated in Asian and Oceanic regions. We provide 24/7 services and assistance to users that belong to more than forty different countries. We also cover ten distinct languages. Our professional team of experts strive towards reviewing, editing, correcting, analysing and processing e-Visa applications perfectly. This leads to 100% precise and successful results.



What Are the Services Offered By Us?

At www.srilankan-visa.org, we aim at providing the following services:

  • Comprehensive e-Visa application services and thorough support/guidance for all users.
  • Hassle-free and speedy e-Visa application process which provides peace of mind and heightens focus on other aspects of the journey.
  • The Sri Lanka e-Visa will be digitally linked to the user's passport upon using our website to apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa. All personal information filled in the e-Visa application form will be thoroughly checked by our expert team of professionals before it is submitted.
  • User-friendly interface which ensures a simplified application procedure of the Sri Lanka e-Visa along with a swift overall experience.
  • Latest reliable and trustworthy technology to maintain the highest levels of customer privacy and safety. Since security of users is our top priority, we ensure the employment of the most recent technologies and systems throughout the entire e-Visa application procedure. This includes safe and protected payment processes.
  • Constant support and guidance via email to solve any queries or doubts an applicant may have regarding the Sri Lanka e-Visa application. Our staff is a team of professionals who have years or expertise in the field of travel. They are well-versed in understanding the issues an applicant may go through while obtaining an e-Visa. This makes them perfect for the role of providing support and guidance.
  • Trusted and swift e-Visa for Sri Lanka application platform which ensures that applying for an e-Visa is stress-free and quick.

Different Kinds Of Sri Lanka e-Visa And Their Requirements

Before a user starts applying for a Sri Lanka e-Visa, we would like them to thoroughly learn about all the different types of Sri Lanka e-Visa and their requirements. This will help them to apply for the correct e-Visa type they want based on their planned purposes of travel. Please note that all e-Visa types have their own specific set of regulations/requirements which should be met without fail. If not, then the applicant may face hindrances in their travel plans to Sri Lanka. Here, at our Sri Lanka e-Visa application website, we make sure that all applicants understand all types of e-Visa and their requirements before they apply for one. Along with providing support and guidance while applying for an e-Visa, we also make sure that the application created by the user is 100% perfect and all requirements of the specific e-Visa types are met.

Why Choose www.srilankan-visa.org For Obtaining A Sri Lanka e-Visa?

Our easy to use platform simplifies the e-Visa application process, allowing users to efficiently complete their applications.

Opting to process the application through our website provides applicants with the advantage of seamlessly linking their approved e-Visa to their passport. Furthermore, we ensure that all personal information is meticulously reviewed for precision before submission. Upon completion, the application undergoes a comprehensive assessment by our team of immigration experts. In the majority of cases, applicants receive their visas within 48 hours. However, it is important to note that certain applications may require up to 96 hours for processing.

What Are the Limitations of Our Sri Lanka e-Visa Services?

We request all users to make a note that we are experts in proving the highest quality of e-Visa application services for Sri Lanka. However, our organisation does not provide immigration guidance or consultations. Our main aim is to ensure smooth application of a Sri Lanka e-Visa which is 100% error-free and accurate.

What is the Pricing?

Our pricing structure includes government fees and additional charges for translation, review, and other clerical services.

Type of e-Visa Government Fees Total fees (including translation, review and other clerical services)
Tourist $50 USD $129 USD
Business $70 USD $169 USD

How Can Users Contact the Customer Support Team?

At this Sri Lanka e-Visa application website, you will be provided with top-tier customer support services via a well-trained group of experts who are happy to serve all users 24/7 no matter what their queries are. We would like to inform all our users that they can contact our customer support team through the medium of email at [email protected]. Once you connect with our highly qualified team of customer support experts, you will be served the best support and guidance only.


When you choose www.srilankan-visa.org to apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa, you get to experience a smooth and speedy application process that takes not more than 15 to 20 minutes of your time. We strive to stay committed to our aims and goals of providing the most ideal platform to obtain a Sri Lanka e-Visa with the utmost customer satisfaction and simple-to-understand application procedures. Let us help you in obtaining an e-Visa for Sri Lanka so that you can kickstart your journey to the beautiful country in no time!