Sri Lanka Business eVisa- A Guide to The Land of Endless Business Opportunities

Updated on May 30, 2024 | Sri Lanka e-Visa

To gain success as an entrepreneur or a business person, it is extremely important to expand your business or trade reach outside the realm of your local turf. It is highly important for a business enthusiast to start looking out for opportunities set-up their business operations/activities in other parts of the world which will not only provide them with international recognition but will also allow them to expand the spectrum of goods and services provided by their business firm. If you wish to create powerful and extensive global business networks, then you should surely consider setting up your business activities/operations in Sri Lanka as it is the land of endless business and entrepreneurship opportunities.

To embark on a journey to Sri Lanka for the purpose of creating a bright future for your business organisation, you are recommended to apply for a Business eVisa for Sri Lanka.

Introduced in 2012, the eVisa program for Sri Lanka is basically an electronic travel authorization that allows seamless entry in Sri Lanka with a valid permit that does not require the applicant to visit an Embassy or a consulate office in-person to complete the application procedures. If you want to explore business opportunities in Sri Lanka, then here is a guide on how you can obtain a Business eVisa for Sri Lanka efficiently and speedily.

What Is the Online Business Electronic Travel Authorization for Sri Lanka?

The Sri Lanka Business eVisa, which stands for an electronic visa, is a valid eVisa for entering Sri Lanka which allows international business people to fulfil various business-related motives such as-

  • Attending business conferences, workshops and seminars held in Sri Lanka.
  • Participating in business meetings and contract negotiations.
  • Participating in symposiums.
  • Attending and/or participating in art, music and dance festivals.
  • Participating in religious festivals/events.
  • Enrolling for a short-term training programme.

The Business eVisa for Sri Lanka is a multiple entry travel permit which remains valid for a total of 365 days. On each Business eVisa, visitors get to enjoy the benefits of multiple entries. You can stay for up to 90 days on each visit. If a traveller wishes to stay in Sri Lanka for a longer period, they can apply for an extension as well.

Who Is Eligible to Obtain a Business eVisa For Sri Lanka?

The passport holders of over a hundred nations are eligible to apply for a Sri Lanka eVisa online for business purposes. As of now, the citizens of only twenty-one nations are not granted a Business eVisa for Sri Lanka. These citizens can apply for a Sri Lanka Business Visa in-person via the Diplomatic Mission in their hometown before they start their journey to Sri Lanka.

What Are the Documentation Requirements to Obtain A Business Electronic Travel Authorization For Sri Lanka Online?

To obtain a Sri Lanka Business eVisa, the passport holders of eligible countries will have to be in possession of the following documents-

  1. A valid Passport. In the Sri Lanka Business eVisa application form, the applicant should ensure that they are filling out a passport number that belongs to an eligible passport which remains valid for a period of 180 days from the date on which the traveller enters Sri Lanka.
  2. A frequently used email address. Please note down that all essential updates and the approved Sri Lanka Business eVisa will be provided to the applicant via the medium of email. Therefore it is necessary for the applicant to fill out a frequently used email address in the eVisa application questionnaire.
  3. An online mode of payment. The payment for the Business eVisa for Sri Lanka should be made via an online payment method like a credit card or debit card. Therefore the applicant should be in possession of a valid credit card/debit card from different banks such as MasterCard, Visa, Union Pay, etc.
  4. A confirmed flight ticket. This should be a return flight ticket from Sri Lanka or an onward flight ticket to a third destination planned by the traveller.
  5. A Business Invitation letter. This letter should be issued in the name of the applicant by the business organisation in Sri Lanka that is inviting them to conduct business activities in the country.

Please remember that the documentation requirements for the Sri Lanka Business eVisa can change from time to time. Thus, it is important to stay updated about all the latest requirements via the Sri Lankan Embassy or Diplomatic Mission.

The Sri Lanka Tourist e-Visa is a 30-Day travel permit that remains valid for a maximum period of 90 days from the initial date of issue. Tourist e-Visa for Sri Lanka allows international travellers to enter and stay in Sri Lanka for a short period for the purpose of tourism and leisure. Find out more at Sri Lanka Tourist Visa.

What Is the Application Procedure to Obtain A Business eVisa For Sri Lanka?

The simple and straightforward application process for a Business eVisa from Sri Lanka is as follows:

Step 1- Start Preparing the Application

Fill in the Sri Lanka Business eVisa application questionnaire with the required personal details, passport information, travel itinerary and contact details. Most of this information can be filled out from the valid passport of the applicant.

Step 2- Review The Filled Application

After filling out the Sri Lanka Business eVisa application form entirely, the applicant is suggested to double-check and review it. This is mainly done to make sure that no question field is left unanswered. And no false or incorrect information is filled in. Since mistakes in the application form can lead to eVisa rejection and denial, it is best that all applicants thoroughly follow this step.

Step 3- Pay The Business eVisa Fees.

All applicants will be required to make an online payment for their eVisa application. They can use credit cards or debit cards from different banks such as MasterCard, American Express, etc.

Step 4- Receive The Online eVisa Confirmation

Once the applicant has completed all the above-mentioned application steps, they will receive a confirmation that their application has been received.

The processing period is generally 02 to 03 business days only after which the applicants will be provided with their approved Business eVisa in their registered email inbox.

To check the status of the Business e-Visa for Sri Lanka, the applicant can use Sri Lanka Visa Status utility.

Why Choose to Apply for An eVisa For Conducting Business Activities In Sri Lanka?

Here are all the most fascinating reasons why all business visitors should obtain a Business eVisa for Sri Lanka-

  1. The Business eVisa for Sri Lanka permits international travellers to enter and stay in Sri Lanka for the purpose of fulfilling business-related motives without the need of applying for a traditional Visa. Since the entire application process of an eVisa is 100% online. The applicant can apply for it anytime and anywhere they want. Due to this, the applicant is able to save a lot of time, effort and money by not going through a lengthy application process.
  2. The validity of a Business eVisa for Sri Lanka is 12 months during which the traveller can stay in the country for a period of upto 90 days. This is sufficient time for conducting most business activities such as- a. Attending meetings, conferences and workshops. b. Attending trade fairs and work trips. c. Explore business and entrepreneurship opportunities, etc.
  3. The Sri Lankan Business eVisa is electronically linked to the applicant's passport. Thus this eliminates the need for the traveller to compulsorily carry physical documents. This allows them to seamlessly enter Sri Lanka.
  4. Since the Business eVisa for travelling to Sri Lanka for business purposes is valid for multiple entries, the applicant will be able to enter and exit from Sri Lanka multiple times during the entire validity period of their eVisa which will allow them to conduct their business-related activities in a planned and efficient manner.

What is the Sri Lanka Business eVisa Processing Time?

The processing time of a Sri Lanka eVisa is typically 02 to 03 business days. In most cases, the applicants receive an approved Business eVisa within 24 hours of application. Even though the processing time is quick for a Business eVisa, it is advisable for all applicants to apply for it at least 4 (four) days in advance in case any unexpected events delay the processing period.

What Are the Alternatives for Obtaining A Business Visa For Sri Lanka?

Even though the Business eVisa for Sri Lanka is easy to obtain, many applicants may have a hard time obtaining it due to eligibility issues or other reasons. They can opt for different alternatives for obtaining a Business Visa for Sri Lanka which are-

  • Obtaining a Sri Lankan Business Visa in-person via the Embassy or consulate office.
  • Obtaining a Sri Lanka Visa on Arrival. This type of Visa is usually obtained by the eVisa visa-exempt countries.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Business eVisa For Sri Lanka

When was the Business eVisa for travelling to Sri Lanka for business purposes introduced?

The Business eVisa was introduced in 2012. Since then, travellers from across the world are enabled to enter Sri Lanka for conducting business activities and expanding their business reach through the ever-growing economy and vast market of Sri Lanka.

What is the ideal time for applicants to apply for a Sri Lanka eVisa?

Even though the Business eVisa for Sri Lanka can be easily and speedily obtained in the matter of 02 to 04 business days, it is important for applicants to note that sometimes, many unexpected events can cause a delay in the processing process of their eVisa application.

This can lead them to postpone their travel plans to Sri Lanka. To avoid getting affected by a delayed processing process, all applicants are advised to start applying for an eVisa at least 02 weeks before the planned date of arrival in the country.

How much time does it take to complete preparing a Sri Lanka eVisa application?

The online process to apply for a Sri Lanka eVisa takes only 10 to 15 minutes to be completed successfully. To ensure that the applicant is able to prepare an application for Sri Lanka speedily, they should keep all the necessary documents on-hand during the application process.

How will the applicants receive their approved Sri Lanka eVisa?

Once the applicant has applied for a Sri Lanka eVisa, they will have to wait for the processing process to get over. Once the processing period comes to an end and the application is approved, the applicant will be sent an email on their email address that will contain the approved eVisa. This eVisa should be printed out and carried to the journey to Sri Lanka.

Is there a chance for an application to get rejected?

Yes. There is a slim possibility that a Business eVisa application can get rejected due to different reasons that an applicant may not be aware of. The most common reason for an eVisa rejection is submitting an incomplete application form or filling out incorrect/false information on the Sri Lanka eVisa application. Reviewing and double-checking the application form before submitting it can avoid the possibility of getting a rejected/denied business eVisa for Sri Lanka.


The Business eVisa for Sri Lanka is an ideal permit type for all international business visitors who wish to not only explore business and entrepreneurship opportunities in the country, but also make the most of their trip in the paradise country. One of the biggest advantages of the Sri Lanka eVisa is the ease with which it can be obtained. If you are a business visitor looking to enter the trade market of Sri Lanka with a Visa that is speedily obtained, then the Business eVisa is the perfect pick for you!

Frequently Asked Questions about the Sri Lanka e-Visa. Get answers to the most common questions about the requirements, important information and documents required to travel to Sri Lanka.