Terms and Conditions

These are the website's terms and conditions, wherein the terms “the applicant” and “you” allude to the Sri Lanka e-Visa candidate looking for to fill their e-Visa for Sri Lankan application through this site and the terms “we”, “us”, “our” and “this website” allude to www.srilankan-visa.org, are implied to ensure everyone's lawful interface. You must concur that by getting to and utilising this site, you have got examined, caught on, and concurred to these terms and conditions. Doing so is related to profit of the utilisation of our site and the benefits that we offer. It is imperative that you understand that our relationship with you is based on belief, as everyone's legal interface guarantees. If it's not too much of a bother, please be aware that you only need to accept the terms of the benefits we provide.

Individual Information

The secured database of this site stores and registers the below-mentioned data given by the client as individual information like Names, date of birth, nation of birth, passport details, information of issue and termination, sort of supporting prove or archives, phone and email address, postal and changeless address, cookies, specialised computer information, instalment record, etc. All of this individual information isn't shared or uncovered to third parties but:

  • When it has been unequivocally concurred upon by the client.
  • When the administration and support of the site is subordinate to it.
  • When a legally binding agreement or the law demands the information.
  • When it is informed without the individual data being helpless to separation.
  • When the organisation has to use the supplied information to prepare the application.

This website disclaims all liability for any inaccurate information provided. See our Security Arrangement for more data on our confidential regulations.

Site Utilise

This website is privately owned, not connected to the Sri Lankan Government in any manner, and all the content and material on it is protected by copyright and belongs to a private organisation. This site and all the administrations advertised on it are confined to individual utilise as it were. By getting to and utilising this site, the client concurs not to alter, duplicate, reuse or download any component of this site for commercial utilisation. All information and substance on this site is copyrighted.




Clients of this site must pay regard to the below-mentioned controls for the utilise of the site:

  • The client isn't permitted to yield any comments which may be considered as insulting or hostile to this site, other individuals or any third parties.
  • The user must not distribute, share or copy anything that could be hostile to the common and open ethics.
  • The client must not participate in any movement that might damage this website's saved rights or intellectual property.
  • The client must not participate in criminal or any other illegal activities.

Should the client fail to follow the instructions or in any way injure a third person while using our services, they will be held accountable and will have to pay all associated expenses. We are not going to be dependable for the user's activities in such a case. If there happens infringement of our Terms and Conditions by the client, we have the right to require legitimate activities against the wrongdoer.

Cancellation Or Dissatisfaction Of Sri Lanka e-Visa Application

The candidate must not engage in below:

  • Enter untrue individual data.
  • Conceal or exclude any information required amid enlistment for Sri Lanka e-Visa.
  • Overlook, exclude or alter any required data areas amid the application for the Sri Lanka e-Visa.

If the user participates in any of the previously listed prohibited activities, we reserve the right to reject their enrollment, cancel their pending e-Visa applications, and remove their account and personal data from the website. In case the user's Sri Lankan e-Visa has as of now been approved, we save the right to erase the applicant's data from this website.

Numerous e-Visa Applications

On the off chance that you have got an e-Visa or Visa or estimated time of arrival on any website, it may be rejected or the e-Visa you connected with us may be rejected. We accept no accountability for this termination. In any case the expenses aren't refundable as per discount arrangement.

About Our Services

Our benefit includes encouragement within the management of an e-Visa application by distant nationals who wish to visit Sri Lanka. We are an internet application service provider with our headquarters in Asia and Oceanic. Our areas of expertise can assist you in obtaining your electronic Visa, or eTA, from the Sri Lankan Government, which we will thereafter provide to you. We are going to assist you to fill out your application, properly review your answers, interpret data, check the record for exactness, completeness, spelling and grammar errors. We may contact you by phone or email on the off chance that we need any extra data from you for the motive of preparing your request. After completing the online application form, you will have the opportunity to review the information you submitted and make any required betterments. You will then be given instructions on how to pay for our services via online payment methods. At that point, a master will review your request for a Visa before submitting it to the Sri Lankan Government for approval. Your application will typically be reviewed and, if approved, authorised in less than a day. On the off chance that, be that as it may, there are any erroneous points of interest or any subtle elements lost the application may be deferred.

Brief Suspension of Services

The site may be suspended incidentally for the below-mentioned reasons:-

  • Framework maintenance.
  • Things out of our control such as normal catastrophes, challenges, program overhauls, etc obstructing the working of the site.
  • Unanticipated power cut or fire.
  • Changes within the management framework, specialised troubles, upgrades, or other such reasons making benefit/services suspension essential.

In all such instances, the website will be momentarily halted following notice to its users, who will not be held liable for any potential harm resulting from the suspension.

Exemption From Obligation

We retain the right to change the terms and conditions as well as the content of this website at any time. Any modifications will take effect right away. By using this website, you agree to be governed by the guidelines and policies it has set forth. You also understand that it is your obligation to regularly check the Terms and Conditions and the content on the website.


We provide assistance with the processing and the submission of the application for e-Visa for Sri Lanka. No immigration advice for any country is included in our services.

Pertinent Law And Purview

The conditions and terms sketched out in this fall under the domain of UAE law. All parties will be under the same jurisdiction in the event of any valid procedures.

Non-Immigration Counsel

We offer help with the application for Sri Lanka e-Visa. This does not include any exhortation related to immigration for any nation.