Online Sri Lanka Visa

Online Sri Lanka Visa (or Sri Lanka e-Visa) is a mandatory travel permit for visitors planning to enter Sri Lanka for tourism, business or transit purposes. This process for Online Visa for Sri Lanka was implemented from 2012 by Department of Immigration & Emigration (DI&E), Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka e-Visa must be obtained by eligible foreign nationals who are planning to travel to Sri Lanka. This electronic travel authorization is linked electronically to your Passport. You can stay for up to 30 days at a time and extend Sri Lanka e-Visa up to 6 months.

What is Sri Lanka e-Visa or Online Sri Lanka Visa?

A Sri Lanka e-Visa, also known as an electronic travel authorization, is a digital Visa which permits international visitors to travel to Sri Lanka for the purpose of tourism, business and/or transit. The main aim of the Sri Lanka eTA is to facilitate the process through which travellers can obtain a Visa for Sri Lanka by eliminating the need to visit an Embassy or consulate office. Primarily, to obtain an electronic travel authorization for Sri Lanka, a simple online application should be completed along with submitting necessary documents and paying a Government fee. Once the eVisa for Sri Lanka is approved, it will be digitally linked to the passport of the visitor. The Sri Lanka online Visa is surely an efficient and fast-track medium of obtaining a valid permit for travelling to Sri Lanka. This electronic travel authorization is granted to visitors belonging to over a 100 nationalities.

The Sri Lanka e-Visa can be filled and obtained entirey only as compared to Sri Lanka Visa. Sri Lanka e-Visa is valid for business, touristic or transit purposes.

The validity period of Sri Lanka e-Visa and allowed duration of stay are not the same thing. While e-Visa is valid for 6 months, you duration cannot exceed 30 days. You may enter Sri Lanka at any time within the validity period.

Fill eVisa Application

Provide travel and details from Passport for each applicant in the Sri Lanka eVisa form.

Complete form
Payment of e-Visa Fees

Pay Sri Lanka e-Visa fee securely using a Credit or Debit card.

Make Payment
Receive e-Visa

Receive approved Sri Lankan e-Visa from Sri Lanka Immigration and Emigration to your email .

Receive e-Visa

Why Apply For a Online Sri Lanka Visa?

  • Apply for a Sri Lanka e-Visa fully online without going through the hassle of an in-person application at the Embassy.
  • Complete the straightforward e-Visa application form for Sri Lanka in just a few minutes with quick processing times.
  • Smooth arrival experience with expedited entry at the Sri Lankan airport with the e-Visa.
  • Enjoy the benefits of entering and exiting Sri Lanka multiple times with a multiple-entry e-Visa.
  • Obtain a valid travel permit for Sri Lanka via trusted and reliable sources.
  • Affordable online Visa for entering Sri Lanka to fulfil tourism, business and transit purposes.

Who can apply for Sri Lanka Visa Online (or Sri Lanka e-Visa)

Passport holders of the below countries are eligible to apply an e-Visa to Sri Lanka.

Find out your eligibility for Sri Lanka e-Visa using Eligiblity Checker tool.

Citizens of Singapore, Maldives and Seychelles are exempt from Sri Lanka e-Visa and need only their Passports to travel to Sri Lanka.
Citizens of Cameroon, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kosovo, Nigeria, North Korea, Taiwan and Syria need prior approval before applying for Sri Lanka e-Visa. Apply for an e-Visa at Sri Lanka Overseas Missions or at the Head office of the Department of Immigration & Emigration, Colombo through Sri Lankan Sponsors. Failing to do so may cause for rejection of your ETA/Visa appeals.

Online Sri Lanka Visa Categories

Sri Lanka Tourist e-Visa

30-Day Tourist Permit| Valid For 90 Days| Single Entry

The Sri Lanka Tourist Electronic Travel Authorization, as the name suggests, is an electronic Visa that allows international visitors to visit Sri Lanka for travel and tourism purposes. Obtaining this digital travel permit to enter Sri Lanka for touring the country will need the applicants to fill out a simple online application form and carry the eVisa before embarking on the journey upon approval. The traveller will be allowed to reside in the country for a period of thirty days. You can enter Sri Lanka anytime during the 90 day validity of Tourist e-Visa. Various ports of entry, such as the airport, seaport or landport can be used for entering Sri Lanka with the e-Visa.

Sri Lanka Business e-Visa

90-Day Business Permit| Valid For 12 Months| Multiple Entries

Business e-Visa holders can stay for upto 90 days during each business visit within the 12 months validity. The Sri Lanka eTA permits international business people to enter and reside in Sri Lanka temporarily for the purpose of fulfilling business related motives such as

  • Attending business conferences, workshops, seminars and symposiums.
  • Taking part in business meetings and contract negotiation decisions.
  • Completing short-term training courses and internships.

Under the Sri Lankan eVisa, travellers will be able to enjoy the benefits of participating/attending musical and art performances held in the country. Just like the Tourist eTA for Sri Lanka, the Business eTA can be obtained fully online.

Sri Lanka Transit e-Visa

2-Day Transit eVisa | Single Entry

Eligible travellers, who are transiting from Sri Lanka to a third destination, for over eight hours, will have to obtain a Transit eVisa. This is a 2-Day online travel permit that will allow international visitors to explore Sri Lanka for a period of 02 days while they are transiting from the country. The total validity of this electronic Visa is 180 days. Once approved, this travel permit will be digitally linked to the passport of the international voyager. Ensure that all applicants, before they proceed with the application procedures of the Transit eTA, are aware of the eligibility criteria and requirements to avoid delays and eTA refusals.

The Sri Lanka e-Visa Requirements

An eVisa for Sri Lanka can be easily and speedily obtained online via reliable and trustworthy sources. The basic requirements to obtain an eTA online for Sri Lanka are as follows:

  • A Passport which will remain valid for a minimum period of 06 months from the planned date of entrance in Sri Lanka.
  • Credit card or debit card for online e-Visa payment.
  • A frequently used email address to receive the approved eVisa document.
  • Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, the visitor will have to submit a paper copy of their e-Visa and their valid passport. Additionally, a return ticket and evidence of adequate funds is also required.

Entry into Sri Lanka - Authorised Ports Of Entry on Sri Lankan e-Visa

Currently, international visitors can use eleven ports of entry to enter Sri Lanka with an e-Visa. Among the designated Ports of Entry (POE), four are airports and seven are seaports. Please note that Sri Lanka is an island. Due to this there are no land border crossings or land routes for arrival.

Authorised Airports

Visitors who wish to enter Sri Lanka via the air routes can choose between 02 international airports. Many well-known airlines such as Emirates Airline, Qatar Airline, Turkish Airline, Swissair, etc lands at the international airports of Sri Lanka which are as follows:

  • Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA)
  • Mattala Rajapaksa International Airport (MRIA)

Authorised Seaports

Sri Lanka houses many famous international seaports. Among them, the most popular one is the Colombo Port. This seaport is not only famous for welcoming international travellers from across the globe, but it is also high in demand due to the fantastic boat tours it offers. When creating an itinerary for entering Sri Lanka, these are the seaports that visitors can consider for arrival with the Sri Lankan e-Visa:

  • Galle Harbour
  • Magam Ruhunupura Mahinda Rajapaksa Port
  • Trincomalee Harbor
  • Kankesanthurai Harbor
  • Talaimannar Pier
  • Norochcholai Pier

Upon arrival, travellers are requested to ensure that they are possessing all the essential documentation that are necessary to gain entry in the country. The most important documents, which should be possessed during arrival, to enter Sri Lanka are a valid passport and a return ticket/onward journey ticket.

Online Sri Lanka Visa Summary

  • The Sri Lanka e-Visa is a travel permit which should be obtained before the journey starts. Thus all applicants should obtain their e-Visa at least 3 days prior to the start of their journey to Sri Lanka.
  • Mention the purpose of visit clearly in the eTA application form and make sure to apply for the correct e-Visa type.
  • Ensure that the entire e-Visa application is error-free and precise. Always double-check and review twice before submitting the application form.
  • For applying for a Business eTA for Sri Lanka ensure that the additional documentation requirements are met.
  • For visitors with dual citizenship, ensure that only one passport is used for the application of a Sri Lanka e-Visa. A single passport should be used for applying for an eTA and for entering Sri Lanka.