What Are The Best Shopping Hot-Spots In Sri Lanka

Updated on Jun 30, 2024 | Sri Lanka e-Visa

Sri Lanka is a delightful country that offers incredible tourism and business opportunities to international visitors. Any traveller who has spent a considerable amount of time in Sri Lanka will agree that this ocean nation holds much more potential and power than just being a stunning country for tourist attraction. From luxury items to beautiful souvenirs, the Sri Lankan shops have it all!

The Sri Lankan markets are also well-known for selling mesmerising jewellery, fashionable garments, batiks/paintings and much more! If you are a shopaholic trying to lay your hands on the best Sri Lankan items while touring in the country, we are here to inform you about the best shopping hot-spots in Sri Lanka that should be explored for a fun-filled shopping experience!

Which Markets In Sri Lanka Offer The Best Shopping Experience And High-Quality Goods?

The Majestic City

Are you an enthusiast of high-end luxury items that add stars to your social status? If yes, then shopping from Majestic City in Sri Lanka is surely advisable for you as this marketplace offers the best luxury/branded items and commodities which are hard to find anywhere else. Majestic City is basically a 07-storey shopping complex in Sri Lanka. Here, international visitors and locals can visit for purchase popular fashionable items, sports commodities, electronic gadgets and much more! This shopping hot-spot in Sri Lanka will surely leave all visitors with a ‘one of a kind’ shopping experience.

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

09:00 A.M to 09:00 P.M.


Did you know that Laksala is a state-owned handicrafts/souvenir shop in Sri Lanka which is so unique that such ownership is not found for any other shop in Sri Lanka? This destination for shopping beautiful products and commodities in Sri Lanka is well-known for its high-quality goods and great value of money on all items!

No matter what shop you may go to, you are recommended to visit Laksala at least once. This will allow you to explore a shopping hot-spot in Sri Lanka that sells some of the most affordable commodities and items that are incredible quality wise.

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

09:00 A.M to 09:00 P.M.

Paradise Road

Buying fancy and vibrant things in Sri Lanka is a great way to appreciate the culture and economy of the country. However, sometimes travellers should think about going minimalistic and purchasing items that are created by keeping in mind minimalism and high-quality. At Paradise Road, visitors can shop for some of the most charming yet subtle household accessories to enhance the look of the home. Along with that, this shop sells top-notch souvenirs to take back home and many more affordable commodities!

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

10:00 A.M to 07:00 P.M.


Some of the most expensive and prestigious items/goods to purchase in Sri Lanka are precious gemstones/crystals. There are many jewellers/shops in big Sri Lankan cities such as Colombo and Kandy. However, Ratnapura is a classic jewellery/gemstone shop to visit if you wish to purchase some of the most authentic and shimmering crystal jewellery in Sri Lanka.

What is the location of this shopping destination?

Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Exotic Roots

Are you looking for an all-in-one/everything-at-one-place store in Sri Lanka for a unique and exciting artistic shopping experience? Well, Exotic Roots is one of the most stunning and quirky art shops in Sri Lanka where visitors can purchase a wide range of unique home/office decor, vibrant hand-crafted jewellery, fashionable garments, souvenirs/gifts and much more!

What is the location of this shopping destination?

Galle, Sri Lanka.


Sri Lanka is undoubtedly recognized as one of the best nations in the world due to its mind-blowing garments and local attires. As an international visitor, you must be awe-stricken by the beauty and elegance of the traditional/local attires of Sri Lanka.

If you wish to purchase some of the best gramnets of Sri Lankan designs/patterns and colours, Selyn is the best handloom/shopping stop for you! Here, shoppers can shop their hearts out with a wide range of traditional/local Sri Lankan sprees, kurtas, sarongs and much more!

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

10:00 A.M to 07:00 P.M.

Mlesna Tea Centre

Tea or chai (Hindi word for tea) is one of the most popular drinks consumed in Sri Lanka. Visitors can find piping hot tea sold at many different shops and stalls in Sri Lanka. If you are intrigued by the unique and strong flavour of Sri Lankan Tea, you are recommended to purchase it for loved ones back home!

Mlesna Tea Centre is surely one of the best tea shopping stores in Sri Lanka that sells a plethora of teas in delicious and irresistible flavours such as:- 1. Jasmine. 2. Rose. 3. Mint, etc. With such a vast spread of tea flavours to choose from, visitors might consider this destination as heaven on earth.

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

09:00 A.M to 06:30 P.M.

Galle Fort

One of the best experiences to obtain in Sri Lanka is trying the mouth-watering local and regional dishes that are prepared and served fresh/hot to all food lovers. But what makes the Sri Lankan cuisine so special and flavourful? Well, Sri Lankan cuisine has always been in the limelight in the culinary world for incorporating exotic and aromatic spices.

Spices are the base in most Sri Lankan dishes as it adds a boost of flavour even though how simple a dish might be. If you wish to make your food taste as good as Sri Lankan delicacies back home, you should visit the Galle Fort to purchase some authentic and aromatic/exotic Sri Lankan spices such as

  • Chilli powder.
  • Cardamom.
  • Cinnamon.
  • Turmeric powder, etc.

What is the location of this shopping destination?

Church Street, Galle, Sri Lanka.

Dutch Gallery

Antiques are a great way to learn about imperial history and cultural influences during the period when they were made. Antiques stand strong as a representation of styles and patterns that were extremely popular at a certain point/period in history. Similarly, Sri Lankan history and styles/patterns can be learnt by Sri Lankan antiques with unique designs sold at the Dutch Gallery at Church Street. As a history enthusiast, if you wish to purchase high-value historical items in Sri Lanka, Dutch Gallery is the perfect destination for you!

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

10:00 A.M to 07:00 P.M.

Pettah Floating Market

Sri Lanka is the home of many spectacular and unique shopping destinations that have been serving international visitors with the most high-quality and authentic Sri Lankan goods and commodities for many years. Among all the wonderful shopping stops in Sri Lanka, the Pettah Floating Market wins the prize of being the most distinct and special market in the country that offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience.

The built-up of this market is observed on wooden brigades/planks close to a water source. This adds charm to the market. Here, visitors can surely buy items and commodities they wish. But it is also a famous destination for enjoying a  peaceful walk or indulging in delicious Sri Lankan dishes from the local shops and stalls.

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

08:00 A.M to 10:30 P.M.

Franciscan Sisters Jam Room

In the Franciscan Sisters Jam Room, shoppers can purchase some of the most mouth-watering jams that are made of high-quality tropical fruits and fresh ingredients. Along with jams, this shop also sells a vast array of pickles and chutneys. Since pickles and chutneys are a vital element of the Sri Lankan cuisine that makes it even more flavourful than it already is, shopping for them is the best way to savour Sri Lankan cuisine even after you have travelled back home!

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

08:30 A.M to 06:00 P.M.


Odel is arguably the best shopping stop/destination in Sri Lanka for purchasing high-end fashion and lifestyle commodities. This shopping hot-spot in Sri Lanka offers a shopping experience that no visitor has experienced before! Even if a traveller is touring and shopping in Sri Lanka on a budget, they can still visit this destination as there are many affordable and budget-friendly items to purchase.

What are the timings of this shopping destination?

10:00 A.M to 09:00 P.M.


Make a list right now of all shopping destinations you wish to visit once you have entered Sri Lanka as no store should be left behind. From exotic spices to high-quality luxury/branded items, travellers can purchase them all at different shopping destinations across Sri Lanka. Remember that each location for shopping will offer a unique and distinct experience from the previous one!

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